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short distance moving company

Short Distance Moving Company

How a Moving Company Determines the Cost of Your Short Distance Move

Need a short distance moving company? We can help you find one and understand what to expect. Before a moving company can give you a quote, even a short distance move, they must visit your home and give you a moving estimate. This will allow them to actually see what you need moved in order to determine how much your move will cost you.

Those interested in a short distance moving company should take into account the experience and professionalism of the team allocated. Some short distance movers may attempt to cut corners when calculating costs, for example by allocating a smaller vehicle which may seem more economical until you are faced with the reality of having to pay for several trips. Like most decisions in life, you tend to get what you choose and pay for. Consider all aspects of a move – are you getting a one-stop service that will cover packing services, the actual move out and then in again, or have you selected a less extensive offering?

Other factors affecting the short distance moving company costs will be the destination that you are moving to – is it convenient in terms of transportation, or is it a mission to find and get to your new home? Who will wrap, pack and then unpack the boxes – you or the short distance mover? Remember that while goods packed by you may reduce your costs, there may be disagreement if items get damaged while in transit – was it not previous damage?  Will you be using storage, or are you going straight through from A to B? Know the insurance options, restrictions and claims procedures and select the correct cover for you.

Additional charges could apply – moving a piano is a specialized operation requiring experience and heavy-lift equipment to do it properly. Antique furniture will require careful crating. The short distance moving company you select must have a sound reputation, and this can be independently checked in many ways. Movers should be competitive and affiliated to the appropriate professional associations, and should be in good current standing with them too. Always plan well ahead, sudden requests to move can only cost you more – ask the mover if there is any cost incentive to moving outside of their peak activity times.

Moving is very stressful, and proper research and planning will help control your costs and worries. Make sure to conduct through research and be wary if you receive ‘too good to be true offers’ or estimates given over the phone. Ease of access at both your old and new addresses will influence costs. Loading and unloading will be affected by inaccessible situations and steep terrain can and will add to costs, if more carrying, or a bigger move team is going to be required.

Always get more than one quote and then compare before choosing a short distance moving company. When making your final decision, be sure that you are thoroughly comfortable and confident with the decision that you make. Now that you know how a moving company determines what they charge, you can watch out for hidden costs and optional extras that could push up the price of your move.